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Compelled to deepen my connection with the natural environment, I move, bend, contort and absorb material in that space and of that space, drawing on my own emotional state and sense of being.

I explore each new environment with a unique private performance that is recorded through still photographs and collected materials. 

Disparate landscapes with their associated performances, book-end works that represent a kind of residue of my action in that environment, displaying my interest in the dialogue between the two different processes.  Open, diverse landscapes present varied responses and phenomena for the camera, and the other a dark internal collection that emerged through spontaneous sculpted performance.

 I attempt to disturb the ‘natural order’ by introducing my body enveloped in fabric to stretch and articulate form, structure and increase absorption.  The constructed piles echo the residue – like mine tailings left after excavation.  The blackness and bleakness I feel due to the natural environments invasion by urban decay.

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