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In our privileged Australian society, the average Australian household thinks nothing of spending more on animal expenses than we do on childcare and books. (MoneySmart 2014).

Likewise, our treatment of animals reflects who we are as individuals and as a society, (Animals Australia 2014).

However, depending on circumstances, be it holidays or an inability to look after our pets due to a change in accommodation, many people leave their pets in the care of strangers, away from home, for extended periods – some up to 2 years. Many of these pets suffer from chronic illness where the carer is forced to take measures to ensure the pet stays alive until the owner returns.

Is this an extension of our love? Is the cost of the place involved a justification that we are doing the right thing? Or are we in denial, believing that our love for them is so strong that we refuse to accept the inevitable, even if it is in the best interest of our beloved pet?

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